Advocare 24 Day Cleanse – Day 10

Well yesterday was pure poop. Not on the Advocare side, that is still going great, but everything else seemed to be hitting the fan and I just wanted to throw in the towel. That’s find though, today is a new day and it is what I make of it. Hopefully I can carry that positive attitude forward.

Spark and Catalyst. – No spark but I did have my catalyst again.

Fiber Drink, Protein, Complex Carb, Fruit - Ezekiel bread with peanut butter. Shocker right?! Also had the last fiber drink of the cleanse!! See things are already looking up!

Snack- Three fantastic clementines!

photo 1

Spark and Catalyst. - Had to run an errand during lunch so I didn’t get the catalyst.

Protein, Vegetable and Complex Carb – Huge salad with greens, chicken, egg, onion, broccoli, sunflower seeds, and olive oil. I also had a fourth of a pita on the side

photo 2

Snack – Huge spark again!

Protein, vegetable, Complex Carb, OmegaPlex – Went home and did some work so I didn’t really think about dinner. Around 8 I started to get a little hungry and realized I didn’t have much in the fridge to eat, plus I already ate two eggs that day so I couldn’t really whip up that as a quick meal. Luckily I had some gluten free nuggets leftover and some quinoa I needed to finish. Totally boring but at least it was quick!

Dinner Snack - Nope

Catalyst - Yep as well as my last herbal cleanse packet. Gosh I was horrible on remembering those!

Thoughts throughout the day – 
Feelings –  Stressed. Not so much about the cleanse but about life right now. Having a plan for eating helps though as I don’t have to focus on that as much.
Cravings – a huge cup of coffee
Abnormal body functions – Worst headaches! I think I need to take my sparks earlier than I have been. This is day two of a killer headache and today I needed to actually take some aspirin.

Workout- None, head hurt too much.

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Normally this is one of my favorite posts, but as I look back on the week I realize that I wasn’t very good to myself. I intend to change that though since I’ve already booked a massage for Friday and I’m going out with my girlfriends on Thursday. Little things that will make all the difference in the world in this next week!

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge

If you are new to Treat Yourself Tuesday, Beck over at ,does a great job of once a week taking time to treat herself. Not only with material things but with some time to herself doing nice things to make her happy. We always are trying to please other people and are running around like nuts, she points out that you need to take the time to just be good to yourself.

I didn’t do the best job at that this week but I do have one treat to share with you.

It is a new Tankini! I have wanted one of these for awhile now but the boyfriend wasn’t too keen on them. It wasn’t that he didn’t like them, it was more that he thought I was trying to cover up because I didn’t like the way I looked. Sometimes he is so smart! I did want one though so I could swim in the river this summer without worrying if all my clothes were going to fall off.

The other treat I was going to share with you was me taking the time to do my nails with Jamberry applications, but this is the third and final time I’m putting them on. I hate the way they come out and I hate that my nails just don’t fit them. I have too much of a curve in my nail and it makes it so there are creases in the application which drive me bat crap crazy. So those are coming off tonight and no longer a treat but an annoyance. I tried to love Jamberry since they have amazing designs, but I’m just not a fan at all!

That my friend is my treat of the week (and I didn’t even buy it last week but it came in so that semi counts). I need to do a better job this week of really being good to myself.

Hopefully you guys did a much better job!

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