Happy Halloween

Good morning friends and happy friend and a very happy HALLOWEEN!! Right now I would love to be dressed up as a witch, but I have to work so I’m just wearing all black with an orange cardigan and some skull earrings. I’m going to jump right in to what is making me happy this week and link up with Katie, Heather and Clare!

The first thing is people actually linked up to my Training Thursday post!

Training Thursday

So exciting I didn’t think one person would! The second thing that is making me very happy is date night this past Monday with WHO.

photo 3

You will see a recap of that next Wednesday on What I Ate Wednesday post.

This weekend is the boyfriends birthday so tonight we are headed to his moms house who lives in a neighborhood that gets a ton of trick or treaters. I’m beyond pumped to get out of this office and get down there STAT! I can’t wait to see his mom since it has been a few months and I definitely cannot wait to give out candy.

photo 2

Snuggle time with this little man. The boyfriend was gone for a week and the kitty couldn’t have been happier. He loves my boyfriend but he LOVES his mama and her undivided attention. He slept next to me every night and followed me all over the place purring. Such a spoiled little man.

Last but not least blogging again! The time I took off was good for me to be able to get things done and focus but I missed you guys!

You tell me now what’s making you happy? What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Check out previous posts on what is making me happy!

Training Thursdays

After almost two years of reading blogs and looking at other people doing a certain thing each week (Treat Yourself Tuesday, What I ate Wednesday etc.) I decided I was going to do my own. So I am excited to bring you my first installment of…

Training Thursday

So as you can tell Training Thursday is workout based. I came up with the idea after talking to one of my girlfriends and she was telling me how her trainer has her do a different thing each day so her body doesn’t get use to anything and she gets the most out of the time spent. It sounded like an awesome idea to me, not only for the benefits but for the variety of things you can do to keep you interested in going to the gym.

We all find ourselves in a rut where one more day of going for a run will just put us over the edge. The second working out becomes a chore is when I start to loose interest in doing it and make excuses as to why I can skip the gym.

Funny Friendship Ecard: So youre telling me creating an exercise board on Pinterest isnt enough? I actually have to do the damn workouts?!  Check out the website

So for the past two weeks I have been switching it up! Body Pump, Stairs, Pure Barre, Spinning, Elliptical and much more. I’m actually excited for the gym again. I’ve found classes I look forward to each week and for the past week there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I’m not sore on some part of my body.

My goal of this is to do a link up and let everyone say what they have been doing for exercise, that way there are tons of ideas for me and others to switch up their routine and continually be motivated and excited for the gym.

pink-green-body-queen:    This is so insanely true, haha. Omfg. Love it. <3http://sockerbubbla.blogspot.se/

Each week I plan on bringing something new to the table as well. To start off with this week the new thing I did was different stances to squat. I am sure most of you already know this trick but I didn’t. Depending on how wide or narrow your stance is depends on what muscles in the legs and butt you work.

I never knew this until I could hardly move after a class of squatting in a wide stance. The next few days the outsides of my legs were on fire but I felt amazing.

So next time you are doing your squats think of that, you don’t have to just do hip width apart, you can switch it up and get a more complete tone on your body!

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