So It’s Been Awhile

Yikes! April of last year…. that’s no Bueno. There has been tons that have happened in my life since then. I was debating just shutting the site down because I hardly ever use it anymore but then felt sad and decided to renew for one more year. The main reason being I still use my recipes. So going forward I might use this as more of a recipe site and maybe a few other posts but not the everyday I was doing.

Why? Honestly I got burnt out. I hated taking pictures of the bagel I was going to eat by the end of it. I wanted to come out from behind the phone and behind the camera and just live in the moment. Honestly it has been awesome. I am reading books, binge watching my favorite shows, and enjoying life on the other side of the lens. Instead of recapping everything thing that has happen in the last year I’m going to go down a list of the big things in 2015 and perhaps I will post more about them later. Maybe not though, but I will be on this site more this year than last that is a promise!

Big Life Events:

  • Tons of friends got married this year! Congratulations: Meghan and Scott, Liz and Ben, Krisha and Dave and my Cousin Haley and her husband Dave!!
  • Sean got transferred to Richmond, VA in September so we have been living apart and trying to see each other as much as possible on weekends and holidays. I’m in the process of trying to move down there, hopefully with my company, but it is slow going. If anyone is hiring look me up!!
  • My mom moved to CT and my dad got engaged and will be getting married this Sunday.
  • I GOT ENGAGED!!! Am over the moon and will probably do a special post on this one.
  • Kitty started to have seizures last year and continues to have them. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and it was suggested we put him on meds. We adjusted his diet to a completely clean diet and it has been managed a little better, we aren’t going the meds route though because the side effects are large and the risk of him not getting a pill everyday outweighs the benefits in our opinion. This was a hard year for me with him but 99% of the time he is awesome and my little buggy.

I think that is it from just memory. It actually feels great to be back!! Catch you around friends!

What I Eat Now

I haven’t done one of these in so long! Today I’m linking up with Jen over on Meghan‘s blog to bring you what I normally eat during my week days now. If you didn’t read or realize I’ve been missing a lot more I did get a new job and you can read about it here. That being said it means my ways of eating during the day have greatly changed! 

image Breakfast is almost always a hard boiled egg before I go to the gym. A punch of protein and the most complete food I know.

I don’t have an office anymore which means that most of my food is ate in my car while driving or at an account. This can lead to very rich food days or it can lead to me starving and pulling over to get a snack from my food bag. The most wonderful part I think is when I eat lunch in my car with all the windows open and the sun shining. 

image Lunch at an account that makes the best red cabbage slaw! I was craving vegetables this day because the day before I had eaten a cheeseburger. All about balance! 

It gets hard though, food not prepared at home sometimes can add up quickly and isn’t always the healthiest. The thing I’m learning is balance is always the best. If I have a heavy day just balance it out the next day with a vegetable forward day and always try to squeeze some gym time in. 

image image


New to me popcorn after a heavy lunch I only needed a light dinner to be satisfied. 

The gym is my new best friend, it makes me feel amazing every morning and starts my day off on the right foot. So even if the rest of the day isn’t the healtiest I know I’ve done one thing in the morning positive. 



One of my accounts is Whole Foods. If you are a long time reader you know my food crush with this store. I have been LOVING their salad bar and getting dinner for that night as a new routine! My wallet hasn’t though. Oh well food shouldn’t be cheap! 




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