Training Thursday #6

Good morning friends and welcome to my 6th Training Thursday. The past few haven’t really been ideas on working out or ways to get out there so I’m going to bring that back today with a new graphic! 

Winter Training Thursday


If you are new to Training Thursday head on over here and see why I started this. Starting off the week I was in some desperate need of Body Pump. 

IMG_0439 For those of you who don’t do Body Pump (really though you should join the club!) It is about an hour class that takes you through a bunch of exercises using weights. It is designed to get a cardio burn as well as strengthen and tone your muscles. I”m obsessed with it. It starts out with a warm-up and then goes into legs followed by a bunch of arm exercises. The class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, I go in and am very novice in my lifting yet next to me is a guy who can use weights three times the ones I use. 

Since I have been going to body pump on a regular basis I’ve noticed my legs and gotten more solid and less jiggle when I get out of the shower and towel off and I’m starting to notice small arm definition. Tons more to go to get to where I need to be but this is an awesome and addicting way to get there. 

IMG_0440 Above is a running workout I did last week. It was awesome! Like I said before I’m not a huge fan of spending hours at the gym. I would rather get a workout in fast and furious but with the same burn the people who hang out there forever get. I found the above workout on Pintrest from Shape magazine. I used it running and loved it, I got 2.75 miles in 25 minutes which is unheard of for me! I love how you can convert it to spinning, stair master or even swimming if that is your cardio of choice. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you did this past week! Are any of you brave souls besides my mama still workout out outside? 


Last weekend the boyfriend and I decided to head out to dinner in the North End of Boston. For those of you who don’t live in the wonderful city of Boston, North End is like a little Italy. Small cobblestone streets, tons of Italian restaurants and shops and always packed. He made a reservation at a place called Pomodoro and we headed out. It was a Friday night so there were lines out of almost every restaurant, a tip if you are going to go to the North End on a weekend night make a reservation, and we went right by the line and into one of the smallest restaurants I’ve ever been in. 

North End restaurants are small to begin with but this was a whole new type of cozy, like I had to keep my hand over my water a few times so the girl next to us hair didn’t go into it. After we sat a bread plate and some olive oil came out.

IMG_0441 Then we placed our orders, we weren’t starving so we skipped the appetizer and went straight to the entree. Also a tip, if you are going to either get an appetizer or dessert always go for the dessert in the North End! Plus who needs an ap when you can eat all those olives! 

IMG_0442 I got the vegetable risotto and it was really good. It was just way too oily if you can tell by the picture. I actually drained it twice into the oil dish while I was eating it. So although it was good it wasn’t great. The boyfriend got a pasta that he loved so I’m glad that he was happy at least. I decided to pass on dessert there since I already knew what I wanted, so we payed the check. 

IMG_0443 Mike’s pastry!! That is a peanut butter canoli and it was amazing! I had a wonderful night and loved going out with the boyfriend for an impromptu date. Like always I’m linking up with Jen at Peas and Crayons to bring you what I ate! 

Due to all the indulgence I’ve been having this was needed yesterday for lunch!



Also check out the post here to get in on the largest Advocare group starting January! 



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